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Documentary on TVN Chile

Chapter "Cristina Zárraga - Yagán" in the series "Indígenas Notables"

by El Taller Producciones.    (10.02.2018 TVN)


Capítulo "Cristina Zárraga - Yagán" de la serie "Indígenas Notables"

Report on Canal Encuentro

Chapter "Yagán" in the series "Guardianes de la lengua" by Juan Pablo Tobal Claria on Canal Encuentro, Argentina. 


Guardianes de la lengua, yagán

Review in "Magallania"

The journal “Magallania”, a publication of the University of Magallanes, published a review by the historian Mateo Martinic B. of the book “Cristina Calderón, Memorias de mi Abuela Yagan”.


Magallania (Chile), 2017. Vol. 45(2):317-318


Book launch of  "Cristina Calderón  -  Memorias de mi Abuela Yagan"

 During their first encounter in the year 1999 Cristina Calderón asked her granddaughter to write down her story. In 2017 we were finally able to finish the book and present it at different locations.


Article in Langscape Magazine

The NGO "Terralingua, Unity in Biocultural Diversity" published in its “Langscape Magazine” an article by Cristina with a summary of the biography of Cristina Calderón. 


(in English)


Yagan language workshops

In the last few years we have held workshops in the Yagan language for children and adults of the Yagan community.


Talleres de Lengua Yagan


Our interest in discovering our family history and understanding the Yagan world has led us to contacts with various archives, especially the Anthropos Institut, where we have been gathering information from old records.


Cooperation with the linguist Yoram Meroz

The linguist Yoram Meroz has been working in the Yagan language since 2007.


Article in Livre magazine

"Livre - Revista de libros" published an article about “the Yagan author”.


Linocut workshop with the artist Anna Kölle

The artist Anna Kölle from Germany gave a linocut workshop for children of the Yagan community in Ukika, Tierra del Fuego. The prints of the linocuts made by the children illustrate the book "Yágankuta, Pequeño Diccionario Yagan"


Meeting with the anthropologist Anne Chapman


In March 2009 the anthropologist Anne Chapman traveled to Tierra del Fuego for the last time.



Oliver Vogel, Anne Chapman, Hani Kipa Vogel, Cristina Zárraga

Article in the German daily newspaper "Heidenheimer Zeitung"

On the occasion of our launch of the German version of "Hai kur mamašu čis", the "Heidenheimer Zeitung" published an article in December, 2007.



Oliver Vogel, Cristina Zárraga, Geschichten vom Ende der Welt

Family bookbinding workshop

For more than two years the bookbinding of “Hai kur mamašu Čis” was a center of our family life. 

Practicing Yagan medicine for the little book "Haoa Usi Mitsana"

For this book we made numerous field trips to identify and gather the medicinal plants and then to learn how to prepare and apply them. 

Julia Gonzalez, Cristina Calderón, Cristina Zárraga, Oliver Vogel
Photo: Eugenio Calderón