Cristina Zárraga y Oliver Vogel

Cristina Zárraga


I was born in Concepción, Chile. After meeting my Yagan grandmother Cristina Calderon I began searching for my Yagan and Selknam roots on the island of Navarino, the point of departure for my father years before.

I stayed with my grandmother and our Yagan family in Ukika for more than ten years.

Upon arriving on the island I also met my husband Oliver. Since that time we have been dedicated to safegarding the knowledge of this Yagan (or Yámana) culture. 

Oliver Vogel


In a time of personal searching, I left my native Germany in the year 2000 in order to travel through Patagonia. When I reached Navarino Island south of Tierra del Fuego I realized that I had “arrived”.

I settled there and was accepted by the Yagan family of Ukika from the very beginning.

It was there that I met my wife Cristina. Together we were able to become acquainted with and to learn from the ancient culture during the 10 year period of our residence on the island.


 Today we live with our two daughters, Hani Kipa and Loimuška in the mountains of Swabia, Germany. Cristina is dedicated to spiritual healing and Oliver works as a free-lance photographer.