pix  [ píx ]   -   bird in the Yagan language

... Soon the great battle in Iaiašaga began. The men drove the women out of the kina-hut and they were all transformed into píx. And so they gave life to the birds, the animals of the earth and the sea ...

ediciones pix  -  projects and publications on the Yagan or Yámana culture

ediciones pix is the name we have given to our work focusing on the Yagan or Yámana culture in appreciation of this native culture of Tierra del Fuego an the archipelago of Cape Horn, and in respect fot its entire history, from the past to the present day. 


ediciones pix refers to the projects wich arise for us as Yagan, or as people who are part of the Yagan family and feel a deep connection with this culture.


ediciones pix is not only the publications resulting from this projects but the whole process wich leads to them.  


We work independently, according to our time, resources and family rhythm.