Cooperation with the linguist Yoram Meroz

In 2007 the linguist Yoram Meroz of San Francisco (USA) approached Cristina with the intention of working in the Yagan language. Since that time he has traveled to Ukika several times for several months in order to work with Cristina Calderón. This has resulted in a fruitful exchange of ideas with us. With his knowledge of linguistics he has supported our work and given us valuable and extensive material which he has compiled on the language, including a bibliography and audio recordings. In addition, he has given us all the notes and recordings from his work with grandmother Cristina Calderón.

Working together we developed a simple alphabet in 2010, which we have used in the language workshops and in the little dictionary "Yágankuta".

 At present Yoram Meroz is working on the transcription of his materials, traditional stories, for the most part. He then intends to compile a modern grammar of the Yagan language, an essential tool for learning and teaching the language.