HAI KUR MAMAŠU ČIS - I want to tell you a story

Original title in Spanish:

HAI KUR MAMAŠU ČIS - Quiero contarte un cuento


Cristina Zárraga



Jimena Saiter (woodcuts)



Jaqueline Windh (English)

Oliver Vogel (German)



2005 Ricardo Mendoza

Ediciones Kultrún

(bilingual, Spanish/English)


2007 Oliver Vogel 

ediciones pix

hand-bound version

(Spanish and German)


2013 Oliver Vogel

ediciones pix

(English Version)



Spanisch, English, German

With vocabulary in Yagan


A collection of ancient Yagan tales which have been handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. Myths and legends which the families of the canoe people told around the fire in the long and short nights of Tierra del Fuego.

Some of these stories survived the consequences of the white man’s arrival, at least in part, and made their way down through the ages to be told by the grandmothers Úrsula and Cristina Calderón.


A compilation of traditional tales by Cristina Zárraga, illustrated with woodcuts by Jimena Saiter.


"Hai kur mamašu čis" in its second edition; a project by Oliver Vogel.

Revised and hand-bound, a labor of love with painstaking attention to detail:

The manual process, the variations of paper and cloth, and the title graphic printed separately on each book, make every single copy an original.


A book produced between 2007 and 2009 in the location where these stories originated, as they were lived and remembered by Yagan families in Ukika, Isla Navarino.


Read a story from the book here. Click the page to magnify it.


1st Edition 2005, bilingual Spanish-English – out of print


2nd Edition 2007, hand-bound, Spanish – out of print  

2nd Edition 2007, hand-bound German – out of print


2nd Edition 2011, paperback, Spanish – out of print

2nd Edition 2011, paperback, German –   mail@ediciones-pix.org


3rd Edition 2013, Hai kur mamašu Čis – I want to tell you a story, paperback, English –    available here